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Travel, dining, events, adventure, and experiences television for everyone. Watch destination videos, concerts, festivals, original shows, curated content, and more, all for free!



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Gather is the first streaming network dedicated to travel, tourism, and events. Enjoy from the comfort of your own home online, on mobile, and streaming on ROKU.

  • Travel

    Explore nearby or far flung locales. Visit local destinations, hotel reviews, and more.

  • Adventure

    Get your adrenaline fix with exciting excursions and the adventurers who conquer them.

  • Dining

    Discover the best dining options world wide. Go behind the scenes of innovatie kitchens.

  • Destinations

    Enjoy city tours, hotel and resort videos, behind the scenes shows, and interviews.

  • Events

    Watch concerts, food festivals, art shows, and everything in between.

How It Works



Online or download our mobile app for iOS and Android or sign up on ROKU.



Watch original shows, curated programming from travel, event, and experience influencers, as well as destinations and travel brands.



Watch at home, or on the go, alone, or with family and friends. It's up to you!



When you can, when it's safe, go, explore, plan, and engage. Use our video tours, reviews, and tips to go safely now or plan safely for then.

Take gather with you.

Gather is available on iOS devices, Android devices, MACs, PCs, and ROKU. Coming to Apple TV, Chromecast, and SMART TV in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gather?
Gather is the first streaming network dedicated to the travel, tourism, and live event industries. Viewers can find original shows, curated content from well-known influencers, and branded content created by world-renowned hospitality travel, entertainment, and event brands.

Do I have to subscribe?
Yes. Get a free subscription to Gather by providing your name and email address. Set up your login and watch our content for free. Premium subscriptions are available for $3.99 per month and $34.99 per year after a 30-day free trial.

What is a Premium subscription?

Our premium subscribers get to watch Gather ad-free! In addition, Premium subscribers get access to off-line experiences that coincide with our programming. For instance, did you just watch a travel show? Premium subscribers get special offers and money-saving opportunities, not ads.


Can I cancel at any time?

Absolutely! Whether you're a premium subscriber or standard (free) you can cancel your subscription at any time. Click here to cancel.


I signed up but then nothing happened?

You're already in. Once you've provided your email and some basic information we will invite you to watch online or download our apps when we launch next year.

What a minute! You're not even live yet. I want to watch a show now!!

Wow, we love your enthusiasm! We're launching our beta apps this winter and going live in 2021. In the meantime, we'll be inviting you to some awesome online events in preparation for our launch. You can win some cool prizes and merch until then.


Well, now I feel misled. Why did you get me so excited only to have me stare into the void?

Jeez. We know it's rough times out here but we promise that we're building something that you will love. BTW, staring into the void is compulsory in 2020.

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